Friday, February 19, 2010

Name Change

You might notice that my blog name and url has changed since the last time you were here. The reason for this is that I wanted the information and recipes on this website more accessible to those with multiple allergies. I feel that if a person who has to deal with food difficulties, they shouldn't have to deal with difficult search engine results  too. You know?

Anyway, that is not the subject I wanted to write about today. On my last post I mentioned that I wanted to tell you guys about some of my favorite hot spots on the inter-web to find some great allergen-free products.

Blackwing Quality Meats

Blackwing is a nationally recognized name in the healthy & organic meat industry. They have also been offering healthy organic meats to retail and wholesale customers in North America for more than 15 years.
They offer consistent quality, lean, healthy meats with no hormones or additives, including Organic Beef, Bison, Chicken, Ostrich and more. In fact, Blackwing is a leading supplier of meats to 5 star chefs throughout the U.S. They know their product... they have been providers of healthy meats for more than 15 years. I personally buy my bison, ostrich, pork, elk, beef, goat, venison, and lamb from them.

Now they are on the pricier side, especially for the 3 day shipping which is required for frozen meats. I cannot stress enough how amazing it is to have so many different meat options available at a reasonable price, especially if you are on a rotation diet. The quality of the meat is amazing as well. The beef is free-range and organic. The ostrich is fed a special diet high in flax which actually bolsters the amount of omega-3's in the meat. The lamb and goat are the only all natural hormone and antibiotic free meat I've been able to find on the Internet. I love Blackwing Quality Meats. With their meat I've been able to keep a 5-day rotation diet.

I promise you will not be disappointed. If you are interested, send me an email and I can get you 10% off your total order.


I've only just started ordering from here, but I love the quality of the products this site has. My favorite item is probably the Tamarind Concentrate. I've used it to make delicious sauces, it also says that you can make a drink from it . . . hmmm maybe I'll try that soon. :)
                                 Plus, for shipping, they have a great deal: 12 lbs for $9.99. Oh yeah!
 If you live in Seattle go ahead and stop by their warehouse:
1425 Elliott Avenue West  Seattle, WA 98119

World Spice Merchant

They strive to find the freshest flavors on the planet and provide them to you in an informative, casual setting. For people with allergies, finding different spices is crucial in the prevention of allergic reactions. This store gives you a plethora of options! I buy my Cream of Tartar for my Corn-free Baking Powder at $1.25 an ounce, which is a steal in comparison to $4.95 for a little glass jar. If you want to visit their store:World Spice Merchants 1509 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

I know this is probably a very obvious choice. Your probably thinking, "Ha, you loon, we all know Amazon." But, I just love it sooo much! I can peruse and window shop as much as I want without feeling guilty. I buy cook books, health books, pans, and cooking utensils. I love that I can buy used, save money, and get an exceptional product. Just remember to not buy used pans because they might be contaminated with gluten!

I visit these websites all the time. If they had website frequent flyer miles, I'd be flying to Paris tonight! Trust me you'll love the quality of the products from all of the purveyors on this page.

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