Friday, February 24, 2012

Back to the Start

Hey everyone!

I wanted to talk to you about something today. You may have noticed I have been absent lately. Don't worry. I've still been baking, it's just with the dim light preventing pictures being crystal clear, and life being filled with dull sickness and doctor's appointments. I have not exactly been pushed to post the things I have been baking here for you all. I know. I know. This is awful.

So here is my plan. I have decided to post things I like. Stuff I have found on the Internet. Articles I've enjoyed. Beauty, health, craft, art, animals. Anything truly my heart desires in hopes that you will enjoy it. I start this now. My hope is that with this new development you will get to know me better and learn some new things!

I found this amazing commercial the other day. Have you seen it? It's for Chipotle restaurant, which I happen to love! It fully embraces what I believe about eating local, cutting big business out of our food production. Eating the way our great-great-grandparents ate.

Tell me what do you think? Does local, organic eating effect us? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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